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The artist and the muse(s)

In 2015, I started taking a lot of sunset pictures. I'd post on Facebook and feel a sense of fulfilment each day I documented the sun's journey. I called myself a sun chaser. Then came Mbasughun Ukpi. I noticed her penchant for taking nature photographs and sharing those pictures on Facebook almost in a rigorous, ritual-like, daily routine. I also noticed the way she wrote so beautifully.

Now, 2015 was a year when there were still a handful of young literati on Facebook, flexing their lingual muscles through poems and stories and essays. I was also caught in that Web (it isn't a bad Web at all; on the contrary the positive peer pressure on Facebook taught many of us how to write). It wasn't uncommon to see people weave something poetic or lyrical into their online cognomen (eg. Sam the poet or Scribblysis Sampson or that kind of jazz) or write poems everyday with the intent of winning online acclaim, but Mbasughun was just so different, so raw, so energetic and beautifu…

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